New Donkeys in Etsy

Time to meet and greet some of my new Donkey girls and boys in my Etsy shop now!
 Abi with her best friend Judy, both sporting rather fetching 100% wool felt scarves.
This gorgeous boy is Mr Muskett

 The very talented John Kay, sporting his favourite news print britches. Some people say he bares a striking resemblance to John Kudelka, the Mercury cartoonist! Could be..he just so happens to be in the studio next to mine or is it that both love to be seen in print!

 Meet Mrs Meadows, I hear she is a well known for her fresh baked biscuits!
 And this little blondie is Ophelia,
Mr Phillip E. with his very unique vintage Japanese fabric ears!
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Little up date's

Very busy time of the year, markets, commissions, new ideas and a big move.

I still love doing markets, they are a great way to introduce yourself and your work to a whole new audience. The past few markets have been held in the heart of the arts and tourist centre of Hobart, down near the docklands of Salamanca Place.
As the wave of people come and go from my stand the quiet times have been a brilliant time to sketch, and my favourite are fast pencil sketches of children, and winter we see them at there best, all rugged up in scarves and woolly jumpers and hats!

At the end of the day I have lots of little ideas for little paintings

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New Studio

Time to give some attention to my blogs!
Facebook is great but a big distraction. I'm hoping to blog first and upload to facebook later. I don't mind that nobody really takes a peek what happens here on my blog, for me this is sort of a journal/diary.
Last month I moved from my lovely short term studio at Salamanca Arts Centre to a more permanent studio. There is a big old window that looks down onto Wooby's Lane that I've dressed up. So if you are looking up from below there will always be something to see!

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Sneak Peeks

A little look at some of my artworks in progress...

This one is a small painting, 22.5 x 12.5

No titles yet, early days. I'm loving working on the black and white, these are quite big paintings and take a fair bit of energy sketching and layering the illustrations.

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